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Superior Seamless Free-Floating Gutters

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Rain, rain, goes away . . .
but style and color come and stay.

It's seamless, free-floating, and way TOO cool to be called simply a gutter.

Maine Remodeling installs Alcoa's unique, patented rain removal systems, engineered to expand and contract with the temperature and rise and fall with the mood of your home.

Go hot and add red. Go cool and get blue. Go crazy and add personality where there never was before.

You decide. And save some fun for a rainy day.

More than 30 years ago, Alcoa developed the "free-floating" hanger system for aluminum gutters and downspouts. Since then, this design has become a standard in the industry. It's the beautiful, durable, economical alternative to so-called "seamless" gutters.

  • Patented free-floating hanger system allows gutters to naturally expand and contract with temperature changes - without causing the hangers to work loose
  • Downspouts available in two sizes to ensure proper flow
  • Coated with Alumalure 2000® finish, a corrosion-resistant finish that resists the toughest elements, including acid rain
  • Unique fastener system can support up to 50 pounds per lineal foot for maximum support
  • Available in 5" or 6" gutter sizes
  • Registered Medallion Lifetime- Limited Warranty


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